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I’ve always been a huge advocate of the importance of having a personal brand. The era of faceless businesses is over. People like to work with…wait for it…people.

I previously discussed the importance of this in a blog I wrote over on my agency Exposuremachine’s website. However, I realised how hypocritical this was, as there were no images or content about me on my website or social channels.

So, this post is my attempt to put this right. Here’s a little about myself.

Firstly, my huge passion (as you probably guessed) is design and marketing. I feel so grateful that I get to do what I love every day and work with some awesome clients.

I’ve always had a passion for creativity since I was very young and loved drawing, reading and photography. I’m definitely a big geek at heart too, which led me to a Computer Science degree but it was the web design module that I really fell in love with. This is when I first realised this is something I could do as a career.

I fell into marketing almost by accident. The business I worked at needed someone to do the marketing, so I thought why not! I took my first SEO course in 2011 and never looked back.

My first proper client was my wife Victoria Oke Makeup. After creating branding, building a website and getting it ranking in Google started to generate a steady flow of enquiries, I realised there was a potential to help a lot more businesses.

Fast forward to today, where I work with a range of businesses in different industries at Stephen Oke Design & Marketing. I also help professional photographers and businesses in the wedding industry attract more of their dream clients as Creative Director of Exposuremachine.

The big aim is to help ambitious small businesses get more clients, more revenue and make a bigger impact. So many businesses are doing amazing work but don’t know how to reach people and get charged what they’re worth. That’s where effective design and marketing comes in. If this sounds like you – get in touch as I can help!

Outside of work, you might find me on the slopes, surf, gym or hanging out with my wife and little monster, Hayden.

Finally – a big thanks to Svetlinski Photography for the awesome branding photos!