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Hi, I’m Steve. I founded Stephen Oke Creative to help ambitious small businesses like you get more clients, more revenue and more impact.

There are so many small businesses out there doing fantastic, unique work who deserve to have the opportunity to help more people and to charge the prices they deserve. It is my mission to help businesses get this opportunity.

I strongly believe that when effective design and digital marketing is aligned with a consistent process, real magic can happen.

For over 10 years, I have been lucky enough to have worked with some fantastic clients in a variety of sectors including tech, photography, events, trade and more, helping them use design and marketing to reach more ideal clients and grow their business. Probably most notably, I played an integral part of helping grow Coretek Group from a small 6 figure business to a well established multi 7 figure enterprise. I’ve also helped several startups launch from inception to fully establishing themselves in their industry.

Many agencies don’t have the marketing background to back up their design work and the result is a website or brand that looks ok, but isn’t actually working hard to generate more leads, raise prices and grow your business.

Don’t settle for design and marketing that isn’t helping you smash your goals, your business deserves better.

If you are interested in working together and to see if we would be a good fit, get in touch today.


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"I needed a new photography website as my old one was really hard to use and update. From the thorough initial video call to the regular catch up calls, the whole process was so easy. I’m really impressed with the website and the excellent communication throughout. I can't count how much time my new site has saved me already! I'm also booked up for over a year whilst still raising my prices and my website and brand has played a big part in achieving that."

- Adam Knight, A Knights Tale Photography

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