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Are you getting paid what you are worth?

You’re great at what you do but are you charging the prices you deserve? Ever wondered how some businesses don’t need to compete on price and yet, they’re still oversubscribed with a queue of ideal clients dying to worth with them?

Branding is one of the key reasons. The best brands position themselves as the premium option in the market by showing their quality every time someone comes into contact with their business.

The question is does your current brand help you stand out, show why you are unique and pitch you as the superior choice in your industry?

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Branding to make you magnetic to dream clients

Our branding service is created to help small businesses create a unique, engaging and beautiful brand to help draw ideal clients to your business and position you in the premium price bracket.

We do this by going beyond the logo, to learning about your business – how you are unique, who your ideal clients are and your vision for the future of the business – and then creating a complete brand identity around achieving this. Our branding provides everything you need to promote your business effectively.

Dock Design

Dock Design are a Furniture design and craftmanship business based in Liverpool that design and produce unique stylish furniture of the very highest quality. All pieces are bespokely made to suit the clients’ personal needs and requirements. They needed a cohesive brand identity to position the company within this premium market and help attract an ideal client base that will appreciate the quality of the work and have sufficient income to be able to afford it. Having a professional image and with word of mouth spreading, owner Tommy Delcher has managed successfully launch Dock Design and the future looks bright indeed. Dock have already moved to a larger premises and are well established in the industry for being a premium producer of high quality furniture. They have even started to offer training and interships to start bring through the next generation of talented craftsmen and women.

Dock Logo Mockup Square
Dock Business Card
Dock Logo Mockup Square


PMB Projects are a professional residential construction and landscaping business based out of Toronto, Ontario that use project management methodology to ensure quality assurance in every project. They needed to develop a cohesive brand around the PMB Projects name to acheive their ambitious growth plans. The first part of this being a professional logo that can be used for the company website, print media and other branding/promotional purposes. PMB have achieved incredible growth since the branding work was completed, including growing to a multiple 6 figure business, building a large team and recently, becoming an incorporated business. Owner Brent Bennison is on course to get the business to a point within the next few years where he can step back to a purely strategic and managerial role.

PMB Embroidery Logo
PMB Projects polo tshirt

Oakfield Garden Care

Oakfield are a garden maintenance and horticulture business that provide long term care of all things plants, trees and shrubs. They offer a level of care and a personal touch that sets them apart from their competitors. The owner needed to launch this business as her main source of income so required effective branding to promote the brand and attract new clients. Following the completion of the branding project, Oakfield have successfully launched and are already working with a number of happy customers. Their next goal is to grow the team and have a small fleet of vans to service their customers.

Oakfield Logo Letterpress Mockup
Oakfield Stationery
Oakfield Business Card

What our clients say

"Stephen Oke Design & Marketing are wonderful to work with. Their professional step by step method made reaching the final product a simple process. The end result is both functional and beautiful... Yet another example of why you always hire the right people!"



Our branding package


Our branding package provides a complete brand identity, with everything you need to promote your business. 

Discovery Session

Discovery session to help you identify and communicate your unique value proposition, plus pinpoint your ideal clients.


New professional logo that is flexible for use across various media.

Colour Palette

Colour palette curated to appeal directly to your audience and to match your brand.


Typefaces selected to be complementary and to help enhance your brand.

Brand Style Guide

Full brand guidelines document to help you keep your branding consistent.

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PMB Projects Logo
A Knights Tale Logo
Coretek Logo
Dock Logo
Exposuremachine Logo
PMB Projects Logo

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