New site is now live!

I am VERY happy to say that the new site is now live!

The domain was registered a long time ago and the site is now in its third iteration. To be honest, I was never completely happy with the previous sites and always felt that something was missing. The new site finally provides a much more complete showcase for my work. This includes a complete site redesign, new colour palette and brand new logo.

My mission for this site is to be much more than a simple portfolio of images. The new site uses detailed case studies to inform about the methodology and process behind each project – why design decisions were made and how these complement the wider brand in question.

I also have big plans for the blog section. I want the blog to provide an insight into what goes into my work “behind the scenes” and regularly sharing my work is a great way to keep me accountable. Also, my goal is to grow the blog into a really useful resource that will actually help people. Everything I learn – wins and mistakes – will go in here, so you can learn from both.

Finally, I also have more future plans for the site including an inspiration section. I am continually finding amazing content from books, courses, blogs and podcasts from the top thought leaders in design, marketing, business and personal development that I can’t wait to share!

I hope you like the new site, I’d love to know what you think so send me a message via the contact form or connect with me via social media.

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