New Portfolio’s up on Behance and 500px


My new Portfolio’s are now up on Behance and 500px.

Behance showcases all of my graphic design work. Why Behance? Because it’s such a great community of designers and to have my work among the high standard of work on the site is a great way to keep pushing me to improve. Plus, I really like the no-nonsense interface where the work on show is the focus, not the site itself.

I also love photography so I decided to create a photo portfolio over on 500px. In a similar way to Behance, 500px is such an incredible standard and is a great place to go for inspiration. So, that’s why I went for 500px.

I will try and keep these updated with my latest work. Behance has a really neat section for work in progress so this will be a good place to get my various ideas down and hopefully see these transform into finished pieces. Check out my Behance Web and Graphic Design Portfolio and my 500px photographic portfolio now!

If you prefer the whole social networking thing, check me out on Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest (which I am currently obsessed with by the way!).