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New Case Study – Dock Design

A new Case Study for Dock Design has been posted to the site so make sure you check it out.

Dock Design are a Liverpool-based luxury furniture design company. They focus on using traditional methods over mass-production and all items are custom built to the client’s requirements with the highest quality materials.

They required a complete brand identity to position the company at the premium end of their market and to attract their ideal clients – discerning furniture buyers looking for high-quality items. The branding would need to be used across a variety of media such as their website, social media, workwear and more.

As with all projects, a full review was done of competitors and market leaders as well as a discovery call with Dock to fully understand the business before coming up with the final solution.

A big thank you to @stephenokedesign. Steve was amazing to work with and nailed the brief for dock perfectly.

Tommy Delcher – Owner, Dock Design

The direction decided was to use a classic monochrome colour palette and sans-serif type for the branding. This perfectly matched the personality of the brand and provided the smart, premium look they required. It also would match a minimalist website design and brochure layout, which is very common in this industry where the furniture itself needs to be the star of the show.

Dock have had great success following the completion of the branding, including a successful website launch, new partnerships, growing the business by taking on new staff and they are now even starting to offer training for the next generation of budding craftsmen and women.

To see the full Case Study and the final result, head over to the dedicated page now –

Dock Design Case Study

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