Book Review – The Perfect Day Formula

Perfect Day Formula Book

This week’s book review is The Perfect Day formula by Craig Ballantyne.

This is a FANTASTIC book about making more of each day and putting steps in place to work towards what you want to achieve in life. I first heard Craig on the awesome Renegade Radio podcast with Jay Ferruggia and I loved what he had to say about putting in simple rules to achieve amazing things in life.

The book is a really easy read, it’s quite short but in a good way – Craig gets right to the point with practical advice instead of a load of waffle.

I cannot recommend this book strongly enough for anyone looking for a book in self-improvement or productivity, or even someone looking to achieve a big goal (run a marathon, start a business etc.) it really could change your life.

Key takeaways:

• The 3 C’s are the overarching idea behind this book :
○ Control your mornings
○ Conquer the chaos of the afternoons
○ Concentrate on what matters in the evenings

• Structure = freedom. Having rules will make time for the things you want in your life

• Get up 15 minutes early and focus on your top priority in life

• Create rules for living and stuck to them like a law

• Have a to-do list but with specific goals and set beginning and end times for each. Start with your #1 priority

• Do not check email first thing

• Try a gratitude journal

• Have a NOT to do list

• There are 5 pillars of success which will make a huge difference in meeting your goals:
○ Planning & preparation
○ Professional accountability
○ Social support
○ An incentive
○ The big deadline

• You must have a vision of where you want to be in life to guide you. Write your vision from the future as if you are already living it

• Set goals to help you achieve your vision for health, wealth, social, personal enrichment

• Break these down into small process goals and get a network of positive people to help support you

Check the book out, it won’t disappoint, I promise! Let me know what you think in the comments or fire me an email.