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case study

Case Study

A Knight's Tale

case study


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Adam Knight came to us frustrated with his website. It was hard to use and slow to update, wasting precious time that could have been used working with clients. He also had clear goals including making a minimum number of bookings per year and attracting the very best clients.


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With his new website, Adam can now carry out updates quickly, saving hours of time. His new website and brand have enabled him to create a more prestigious image. He is now fully booked for over a year in advance, whilst also raising his prices at the same time.

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What our clients say

"I needed a new photography website as my old one was really hard to use and update. From the thorough initial video call to the regular catch up calls, the whole process was so easy. I’m really impressed with the website and the excellent communication throughout. I can't count how much time my new site has saved me already! I'm also booked up for over a year whilst still raising my prices and my website and brand has played a big part in achieving that."

- Adam Knight, A Knights Tale Photography

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